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Category: Archives-Art

Jonathan Abrams



Jonathan “Jon” Abrams loved what he saw and bought what he loved. That simple directive guided the breathtaking art collection of the Albuquerque art maven, a recently retired cardiologist, awardwinning University of New Mexico professor of medicine, curator, and friend of the arts.

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Larry Bell



Larry Bell caught the Los Angeles art wave in the late 1950s and has been successfully navigating those often turbulent waters ever since. Instead of looking to art history for guidance like their New York counterparts, Bell and a handful of renegade Southern California artists found inspiration in their immediate surroundings—lackluster architecture, tacky billboards, and the prevalent hot-rod and surf cultures of their day.

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Trouble with the Curve


Ted Larsen has the eyes of an artist, the hands of a man used to working with materials and machinery, and the mind of a philosopher-visionary.

For him, making art is as much about the contemplation and planning that goes into a piece as it is about the actual construction of the work—or even the finished piece itself. He cares deeply about art and its interface with both the theoretical world and the practical; and when the tall, lean Larsen comes into his intimate studio, he fits it to himself as if it were a shimmering carapace he drapes over his being.

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