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Bart Prince


Bart Prince

Like many middle-class Albuquerque neighborhoods, Las Alturas exhibits a quietly gentrified uniformity, with kelly-green lawns and blooming gardens fronting the overwhelmingly Pueblo, Territorial, or brick-and-stucco Ranch style homes. There are a few standouts—like the elegantly modern pop of steel and glass with knife edgedcorners—along with a few head-scratchers, such as the mini Mediterranean villa with a massive red-tiled roof that can probably be seen from outer space.

But there is nothing quite like the two-story composition of concrete block, corrugated metal, and sage-green stucco that sits on—or soars above, depending on your point of view—a slightly elevated, narrow strip of what was one of Las Alturas’s few remaining residential lots in the 1990s. Designed and built in 1993 by Bart Prince for Christopher Mead, Regents’ Professor of Architecture and Professor of Art History at the University of New Mexico, and his wife, photographer Michele Penhall, the home at first seems like a totally alien construct.



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