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of the Fall 2017/Winter 2018 issue from TREND readers

   Dear Cynthia,

We would like to thank you again for taking time to talk to us today during your busy schedule and for the beautiful published images of my 12′ high fabricated steel sculpture, “Sanctuario”, in your recent issues of “Trend Magazine”.  We were very happy to find the 2017 Summer and Fall/Winter issues at Niman Fine Art today.

We immediately posted the images/partial article on our two Facebook pages: Tom Bowker and Thomas-Carole Bowker Fine Art Studio…you might want to take a look when you have a moment!

We look forward to meeting you at a future time to discuss some of the ideas you presented to us on the phone today!

– Sincerely, Tom and Carole Bowker
Thomas-Carole Bowker Fine Art

of the Summer 2017 issue from TREND readers


    Cynthia, thank you and your entire team for such a great piece on my father.  It’s so helpful to have all that history consolidated in one place.  Paul feels very humbled by the whole thing.  Thank you again, and may you find great success moving forward in whatever you choose to pursue.  
  – Very best, Peter (and Paul!) [Sarkisian]



Ms. Cynthia Canyon:

Few magazines fully deliver what they promise. “Trend” has and continues to do so with intelligence, depth, style, imagination and taste.

These past few years I have looked forward to every issue of “Trend” knowing it would be a feast for the eye, mind, heart and soul, and I have never been disappointed until I read the “From the Publisher” page in this summer’s issue.

I was stunned to read that the magazine is up for sale. Just moments before I’d told my wife that Trend is my favorite magazine—the one I would not want to do without.

So I hope a suitable buyer will be found and that they will continue “Trend” following the path you blazed and the high standards you have set. Although it is hard to imagine anyone could do that.

My thanks and best wishes to you and everyone who helped make “Trend” possible and in doing so brought immeasurable joy and pleasure to your grateful readers, including this one.

– Sincerely yours,
Michael Maurer Smith



of the Summer 2016 issue from TREND readers

Trend Cover 1 Summer Lookbook_2016 Meow white lines    Hi Cynthia!

   The article on Dick and Susan is gorgeous! Gussie’s words and
   Kate’s images are perfect! Thank you all so very much!

  We are now going to distribute it far and wide!

  – Samantha Furgason (artworkinternational.com)

Dear Cynthia,

I don’t think there are words to express my gratitude for the brilliant portrayal of my dedication to my culinary passions and achievements in Sedona. The incredible way that Gussie Fauntleroy captured and articulated the nuances of my dedication was spellbinding for me to read. Being in your masterpiece publication is truly something that I will be eternally proud.

I’m in awe of the extent of your grand vision and manifestation of such a diverse publication. You set the bar for excellence like no other magazine I have ever seen. I can’t wait to read every bit of the magazine cover to cover. 

I thank you, thank you, thank you for including me and my family of restaurants in such an elegant and meaningful light within the richness of such glorious pages. I believe this article will all the more open the portal between our beautiful towns of Sante Fe and Sedona.

With blessings and ultimate respect to you and Gussie, I am forever indebted.
– Lisa Dahl, (Dahl Restaurant Group, livingdahl.com) 


of the Santa Fe Annual Lookbook from TREND readers

We are aLookbook_Coverll so very pleased and thankful for this great opportunity and for the beautiful work you have done from start to finish. Truly a work of art to be cherished by all who have participated.

You have really gone above and beyond to be sure we received the publication and we are all so thankful for your great vigilant and exceptional efforts in every aspect of this project.
– Winston Kletter (Winston Kletter Photography)

Oh my God! This lookbook is the best I have ever seen since Architectural Digest in the 60’s!

– Rita Schroder

of the Spring 2016 issue from TREND readers

page_1_thumb_largeI am very much enjoying this issue of Trend. The articles and photography are fun and informative and I think it is my favorite issue I have seen so far since I have been here.

– Manny Greenfield (Eldorado Productions)

I received my copy of your Trend magazine last week with the article you published about me. It is an outstanding publication and the images and articles are breathtaking. Thank You for including the article about me in this issue.
– Terence Brown, FAIA

of the Summer and Fall 2015 issues from TREND readers


Hi Cynthia, I stayed up very late reading nearly all of the new issue! It is just amazing, and once again demonstrates the virtuosity of your stunning team. You should all be very proud.
– Bette Ridgeway (Santa Fe artist)

You have an amazing team and publication! Thank You very much for letting us be a part of it! We had a few clients and staff show up to your event and they were very impressed with Cynthia and her words! Kudos TREND team!!!
– Jennifer Box

Good evening Cynthia, once again, congratulations on a superb Trend issue. It will spend a good deal of summer on my table, and every time I open it I can find something of interest and inspiration.
– Anna van Schayk, AIA

I went cover to cover of the new Trend I picked up over the weekend. I think it is really, really well done. Christina Procter should be congratulated on everything. I read almost every article and I found so little to say about it other than excellent!
– James Satzinger, AIA

page_1_thumb_largeLastly, I just finished reading your Fall issue of Trend…I thought it was very sophisticated, yet highly readable. The photography and print quality, in particular, was terrific. The issue of trend was probably the finest magazine of it’s type that I’ve seen, and I have read a lot of magazines! Congratulations to you and your team; keep up the good work!
– Roger D. O’Brien, President – O’Brien Associates, LLC

It’s always a pleasure working with the professionals at Trend. Cynthia has done a great job of creating a significant national magazine over the years & I look forward to every issue. The articles, ads and photography all do an excellent job of representing us here in Santa Fe as we and the magazine continue to grow.
– John Rippel U.S.A, Rippel and Company

Thank You so very much for sending the latest TREND Magazine! Fabulous, as always! Special thanks for publishing the great photo of one of our gardens! P.S. I am a true believer in the importance of TREND for our community and global at the same time and recommend you whenever possible!
– Monika Miller-Hellwegen, Carlotta from Paradise Landscape Design


To the editors,
Thank you for the Zimmerman carefully researched article on UNM architecture. It was once of the very few that correctly points out that Edward Buxton Cristy was the first architect to originate the Pueblo style architecture on the UNM campus, i.e. the renovation of Hodgin Hall. Since he was my grandfather, I really appreciate the recognition.
– Joanne Pratt

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